Dobson Products was launched in 1991 by Warren Dobson with the creation of the Kente Kup(tm), a plastic drinking cup decorated with a kente cloth design. The goal was to provide a unique product which featured imagery that acknowledged and honored African heritage. The first production run of 5000 Kente Kups sold out in two weeks,an indicator to extend the line to include more African and African American imagery.

As the company expanded its product lines, it became clear that Dobson Products customers were excited about the possibility of having Afrocentric imagery not just on plastic cups, but also on gift and home decor. As a result, Dobson Products broadened its product offering to add a wealth of gift and home items, including mouse pads, light switch covers, refrigerator magnets and ceramic mugs. With the Dobson Products offerings customers are able to bring the rich, vibrant, and expressive work of African American artists into their homes and experience them every day while working at the computer, entering a room, or drinking their morning coffee.

Today, Dobson Products is a supplier of African American Art, Masonic paraphernalia and one of the largest sellers of Black art light switch covers.

It is clear to Dobson that African Americans have a hunger for bringing the images of their rich culture and history into their homes including artwork and historical reproductions. The Jim Crow era, despite painful memories, is of particular historical interest, consequently, Jim Crow signs and magnets were added to the line.

Most the Black art images are a result of licensing agreements with several African American artists. Dobson Products has over 1,200 African American art and Masonic gifts and paraphernalia that are sold on this website, and through retailers throughout the country.