African American products, Fraternity-Sorority and Masonic paraphernalia.
African American products, including Fraternity-Sorority and Masonic paraphernalia.

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About Adinkra Symbols

Adinkra Symbols

Adinkra symbols can be found on hand-printed and hand-embroidered cloth; each adinkra symbol on the cloth is hand-stamped. This cloth has been traced to the Asante people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Ivory Coast. The production and use have become associated with the Asante people more than any other group. The art of adinkra stamping was developed around the 19th century to make adinkra cloth which used exclusively for mourning and other spiritually oriented ceremonies.

There are over 1000 different symbols, all of which have symbolic meaning. The concepts symbolized may be classified into four different groups: Aesthetics, Ethics, Human Relations and Religion. Each symbol has a name derived either from a proverb, an historical event, human behavior, animal behavior, plant behavior or from the name of the object on whose shape the symbol was based.

At Dobson Products, six adinkra symbols are used in our product designs. The "Kupman" chose these symbols because they relate to unity or the strength of God. A seventh, the Nsaa, is used in our company logo, to show our commitment to quality. Below you will find a list of the different symbols and their definitions:

Nsaa(A hand woven blanket) Symbol of excellence, genuineness and authenticity"He, who cannot recognize the true Nsaa, buys its fakes:. This symbol is also used in the United States as the BO BO or "Black Owned Black Operated" symbol.
 Gye Nyame(Except God) Symbol of Omnipotence of God. This is the most popular adinkra symbol. "This great panorama of creation dates back to time immemorial and no one lives who saw its beginning and one lives to see it's end Except God."
Nkyinkyime(Twisting) Symbol of toughness, adaptability, devotion to service, and the ability to withstand hardships.
Adinkrahene(King of Adinkra Symbols) Supremacy and Omnipotence of God.
Nkonsonnkonson(A Chain) Symbol of Unity, interdependence, brotherhood and cooperation.
(Two-headed crocodile) Symbol of unity in diversity and of democracy. "Two-headed crocodile which struggles for food that goes to the same stomach.
Bi Nka Bi(Bite not each other) Justice, fair play, peace, forgiveness, unity and harmony. Warning against backbiting. Image of two fish biting each other.

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