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Passionate in Purple.
Passionate in Purple.
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Passionate in Purple.

$85.00 USD


"Girls' Night Out"
A collection of Limited-Edition dolls inspired by the original painting "High Roller".
• 17 1/2" Full vinyl dolls; each an individually numbered Limited Edition of 2,000.
• Lavishly attired and accessorized, complete with high heels (non-removable), wigs or rooted hair.
• Hangtag and registration card included.
• Not intended for child's use.

  • Limited Edition Collectible - Produced by Annie Lee & Sandy USA
  • This limited edition is extremely hard to find.
  • Year Manufactured: 2006

About: Annie Lee

Inspired by the original Annie Lee painting, "High Roller." This limited quantity Annie Lee faceless doll portrays emotion and glamour through detail and posture.

With an original retail value of $85.00 per doll in 2006. The Legacy of Annie Lee Dolls , the creator of these dolls, is renowned as one of the front-runners in African American artwork.

She was known for her exuberant, lively style and the way her faceless dolls would portray emotion and glamour in a way that was not only fun but humorous. Her dolls had no faces, nor did the subjects of much of her artwork, but their posture reveals an emotion and liveliness that is hard to find elsewhere.

Annie Lee "I try to paint things that people can identify with," Lee told Contemporary Black Biography. And she succeeded. At her first gallery show in 1985, her paintings sold out within four hours of the show. Lee's work seems to lure the viewer into the lifestyle and atmosphere it shows; you can hear the saxophone player in her paintings and you can sense the swagger in a faceless doll wearing a fancy blue dress and dangling gold-colored earrings. Everything about Annie Lee's artwork and her dolls speaks of the lush, everyday life in African American culture as Annie Lee knew it.